Welcome to Croatia - your new tennis holiday destination 


High-quality tennis coaching in a friendly atmosphere
Fun classes giving you lots of value

You can tailor your holiday to your own needs, thus creating a perfect learning environment
Great facilities by the sea in natural settings in close proximity to airports
Croatia offers so much more, explore it in our tennis+ options

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Ilrija tennis courts

Enjoy tennis under Mediterranean sun

Biograd na Moru, Zadar Region

Spend the end of Summer with your family.  Treat your family to a memorable family sailing vacation from 28 August till 2 September!

Enjoy in special offer, free school of sailinig for your children (7 -14 yrs)  in Biograd destination.


13.10.2018. - 20.10.2018. or autumn terms

Aurora's numerous awards and accolades for sevice and accommodation confirm its continued commitment to excellence. Find out more about this beautiful holiday.

Special offer 20% OFF  if you book your HOLIDAY for autumn till 15.9.2018. !


Full day ski school

Malga Ciapela in the foothills of Marmolada makes the base point of this ski resort which is marketed by the slogan: “From the hotel to the track”.

One thing which will delight the skiers is the surrounding landscape on which you are sure to blow the whole camera film (or memory card) along with the view of the surrounding mountain massifs from the summit of Marmolada


The island of Lošinj is one of Croatia’s most magical hidden gems and the perfect escape for every season.


Whether you’re looking to relax and recharge, be active or do a little of both, you’ll find there’s something for everyone to love. Experience full luxury treatment and take the opportunity to have a private flight to Lošinj.



What makes Tennis Holidays Croatia special?


1. Carefully selected destinations on the
Croatian coast in close proximity to airports

2. Hotels sitting alongside pebble beaches with
sparkling views of the turquoise blue Adriatic sea

3.  Hand picked hotels nestled in natural setting
just a short walk from charming coastal towns

4. Sun-soaked red clay tennis courts within an
easy walking distance right by the sea

5. Besides tennis, our destinations offer so much
more, explore it in our tennis+ options

6. Our tennis coaches have extensive international experience as competitive players and professional coaches

7. Our approach is individual, from the inquiry, to the arrival and stay