Zagreb region

Property of the Zagreb Tourist Board, author: R. Martin

Property of the Zagreb Tourist Board, author: R. Martin

Zagreb region is located in central Croatia. Central Croatia is the largest tourist region in Croatia and the important crossroad of Central Europe and the Adriatic coast. The biggest and most important airport in the country, Franjo Tuđman Airport, is located in Zagreb County. The region is especially enchanting for people who like to get lost in the long walks through wooded hills and age-old forests, discovering noumerous baroque towns, romantic castles, rivers, wine trails and vineyards. A little further from the sea, but instead with many thermal spas, central Croatia is perfect for restoring your energy, leaving you relaxed and full of life. This oasis of tranquility, peace and quietness is ready to embrace you.


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Daily Lesson Clinic

If you are visiting Zagreb by business or pleasure - take time to relax surrounded by nature and have a great active hours playing tennis. We invite you to join our tennis lessons, meet new people and experience some unforgetable time during your stay in Zagreb. Tennis Holidays Croatia team is here for you to spend time together and play, so you can take memorable experience and memories with you home.


1. Top spin Šalata - center of city Zagreb

2. Veternica - west part of Zagreb

3. TC Prince - sisacka cesta, south east part of Zagreb


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Are you searching for a little break from your business trip? Let us help you reduce your stress a bit and have some fun in the meantime. Play some tennis - regardless if you want some friendly game, or if you are beginner / advance player. We are here to make your free time - fun time! ;)

When tennis isn't enough the solution lies in Tennis+ 

Instructional clinics are offered daily for tennis devotees of all levels - from beginners to advanced players - and are focused on several aspects of tennis including net play, groundstrokes and serves. Private and semi-private tennis lessons and sessions for all levels from beginner to juniors and families are also available.

We can offer you our Match Program
Match play in the match, but need to come to the tactical level, the problem with the mental game, which is a program for players that are difficult to establish. The match program consists of 4 people in the program as well as tactical and mental teachings, you will find an opportunity to learn the rules of tennis games.

Price (1 Hour  incl. court):

1 Person    43 euro
2 Person    22 euro each
3 Person    16 euro each
4 Person    14 euro each
5 person    12 euro each
6 person    10 euro each

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Property of the Zagreb Tourist Board, authors: M. Vrdoljak, J. Duval, R. Martin


Zagreb is the capital of Croatia and the biggest town, nestled under the mountain Medvednica. With its lively, vibrant atmosphere, yet with a medieval, magical charm of an „old city“, makes the perfect spot and a great choice for your next tennis holiday. Zagreb is famous for its Upper and Lower Town, many beautiful parks, lakes, museums, cinemas, restaurants, cafes and clubs. Fell the rich culture of the city and reveal its art, history and all the beauty. Definitely worth a visit.

Property of the Zagreb Tourist Board, author: M. Vrdoljak



Have an interesting city break and fun tennis hours in Zagreb, the capital of Croatia,  which offers plenty of other various activities. 

Play tennis & enjoy the street festivals. Fell the atmosphere of the city, enjoy food festivals, experience the magic of the open-air cinemas & concerts,  visit museums and art galleries.

What to see when in Zagreb Region


Zrinjevac park

Zrinjevac Park, or Nikola Subic Zrinski Square, is one of the most romantic places in Zagreb. Your first impression will be of a green and floral promenade, flowerbeds and water fountains, as well as the appearance of a meteorological station.

In the center of Zrinjevac there is the Music Pavilion which has been known as an open-air concert stage since the 19th century. Numerous summer concerts and dance events continue to take place here regularly.

Zrinjevac, looking like the entrance to Croatian history and art, is the favorite part of the city for people to walk and amazes the tourists every day.


Zagreb Botanical garden

Zagreb botanical garden was opened to public in 1891 and is part of the Faculty of Science. Covering an area of 5 hectares, the garden is home to over 10,000 plant species from around the world, including 1,800 exotic ones. It has also large ponds for aquatic plants.

The amazing green garden and a real peaceful oasis in the center of the city. With colorful plants all around you, it is giving you the opportunity to step into the magic forest in the heart of the capital city.


Zagreb City Museum

Zagreb City Museum lies at the northern tip of the Upper Town district in the heart of Zagreb.

The Museum deals with topics from the cultural, artistic, economic and political history of the city spanning from the prehistory, Roman finds to the modern period. The holdings comprise 75,000 items arranged systematically in a combined chronological and thematic approach into collections of artistic and mundane objects characteristic of the city and its history. It consists of a numerous paintings, maps, city views, furniture, flags, military uniforms and coats of arms.