Why Croatia?

There are so many reasons why Croatia is an amazing destination for Your holiday. We have picked our 6 most favorite. Well, there are 7 now, if you count we absolutely love to play tennis in Croatia.

Reason No 1 - Convenient location

Croatia is 2 to 3 hour flight away from any European city.

The Republic of Croatia is a Mediterranean country situated in the Southeastern Europe. With a strategic location between Eastern and Central Europe, Croatia is well connected through airports and modern highways.

From London 2:00h flight distance
From Munich 6:00h by car

Reason No 2 - The perfect climate

Mediterranean climate with 2,600 hours of sunshine a year.

Croatian coast enjoys a perfect Mediterranean climate with dry and hot summers and warm springs and autumns.  

Average temperatures in the summer are between 25 and 30 °C, while months of spring and autumn are slightly cooler, but still nice and sunny – ideal for a vacation.

Reason No 3 - Stunning coastline

Dreamlike crystal clear and turquoise blue sea

Croatia’s 1,800 km coastline is full of old charming harbor towns and beautiful pebbly beaches. There are 1,244 islands, islets and reefs to discover, all surrounded by crystal clear turquoise blue Adriatic sea.

Reason No 4 - Diverse natural beauty

Explore unspoiled nature in 8 national parks

Nature in Croatia is divine and so diverse: from Adriatic sea, high-rising mountains, to plains and hills. Croatia is a proud owner of eight national parks and ten nature parks, located both in the mountain and in the coastal region.

The most famous National parks you must visit are: Plitvice lakes – recognized by UNESCO as a natural treasure and Krka waterfalls.

Reason No 5 - Rich history

Thousands of years old, included in UNESCO World Heritage List

Rich cultural and historical heritage is due to the turbulent history and influences of different cultures. Many cultures left their traces here: from Greeks and Romans, to Italians, French, Turks and Austrians.

Discover its many intriguing stories in old cities, churches, castles and fortresses. You can start from Zadar and its Roman forum or Dubrovnik Old Town – an open air museum.

Reason No 6 - Amazing quality food

Great Wine and Food wherever you go

Croatia offers amazing cuisine – Mediterranean one on the coast inspired by Italians and French while the Continental part embraced Austro-Hungarian and Turkish influence.

Here you can enjoy some of the most amazing seafood, meat dishes, olive oil, cheese and sweet pastries.  Although rather small, the country has many different wine growing regions boasting some excellent white and red wines.

Croatia at a glance

Language: Croatian
Currency: Croatian kuna
Time zone: CET, GMT +1 hour
1,244 Islands, Islets and reefs
2,600 sunshine per year
National parks:  8
Nature parks: 11
Travel documents: valid passport or national ID card (EU or US citizen)
EU member since 2013
Capital: Zagreb

Fill your heart with a warm feeling of an ideal holiday