A unique tennis company!

Having learnt to play in the 90s, I’ve been very keen on developing the modern-forehand aka the lag-and-snap, the swoosh (in my parlance!)

Prior to Bojan’s Tennis Holiday Croatia, I’d just had two hours of training on this forehand at an academy in France, and watched countless hours of Youtube videos. I hadn’t quite come up to scratch. I felt there was always something missing in my style, off about my technique.

I became determined to acquire this modern skill, and on a friend’s recommendation picked Tennis Holiday Croatia as the provider of choice

A week in Bojan’s Ilirija Tennis Academy has made a significant improvement to my forehand.

Not only did Bojan organise a one-to-one of 20 hours of tennis over a week with some great coaches (Mlad thanking you specially and Matteo), he also ensured (as I had requested) I played against some top-ranked regional juniors. Some of these guys will surely go on to play at a high-level in the ATP circuit. My forehand is now greatly improved. I’m swinging confidently. I’d recommend them.

I was put in the magnificent sea-facing Hotel Ilirija. Hotel has great breakfast, views, friendly staff, clean room.

Thank you Bojan and your whole team for a wonderful week of tennis. I’ll surely be returning in the near future.

Saadi C