Impressed by the facilities and dedication of the coaches

I can only thank you for the incredible time spent in Ilirija Tennis Centre and San Antonio Mediterranean Village.

Despite of the hot weather we have really enjoyed every minute of it, on and off the court. Both my son and I were impressed by the facilities and dedication of the coaches.

Special thanks go to coach Robert Kardum, for the hours spent on improving our technique and for sharing not only tennis tips but also a lot of information about beautiful sightseeing around Biograd and Croatia in general.

Also we would like to thank to coach Mateo Troskot, who made us sweat even harder 😊and pushed us throughout his drills. Great competitor! We appreciated the importance of fitness even more and decided to keep working and if you don't mind we'll take some of your coaches drills back to UK to share them with the coaches.

Even we had quite a little contact with coach Mladen, we would like to thank him also for the insights given on local cousine and delicasies and also on the touristic guidance which made our stay complete.

Overall, a fantastic experience which I hope we can repeat in the next future. We'll definitely recommend Tennis Holidays Croatia to our friends. I think you are truly blessed working with all these people and promoting the beauty of this country, which never seize to amaze us everywhere we stop.

Please feel free to pass this email to Robert, Mateo and Mladen along with our warm regards.

Thank you again for making our holiday perfect!