5 Reasons Why Croatia is Your Next Tennis Holiday Destination

Written by Lucija

An introduction to Croatia – undiscovered paradise for playing tennis

What if I asked you – what makes a perfect tennis holiday destination for you?

Forget about for a moment your standard of play or whether you are traveling on your own, with your significant other or with kids.

Try to imagine - how does this perfect holiday haven look like?

Is it a fancy, large resort nicely isolated from the every-day local life, boasting dozens of immaculate tennis courts, with possibly a private, sandy beach?

Am I missing palm trees and some cocktails from an all-inclusive bar nearby?

If you're nodding your head, I'd suggest you stop reading this article.

Just skip it.

This one is for tennis lovers who seek to enjoy their favourite game some place sunny, connecting with their immediate surrounding and people around them. Forget about the car, pack an extra pair of tennis shoes, because we are taking you to Croatia - an undiscovered paradise for playing tennis.

You may have travelled to some of the world – renowned tennis holiday destinations staying in luxury resorts in Spain or Florida or highly popular France, Turkey, Italy in the Mediterranean.

When mentioning Croatia in the context with tennis, most of you would instantly think of Goran Ivanišević, 2001 Wimbledon champion, also famous for his colourful and entertaining character.  If we're lucky, there might be some other names or tournaments held in Croatia mentioned.

It is high time to put Croatia on the world's tennis holiday map and make some serious competition to Goran and possibly other tennis holiday destination beauties in the Mediterranean.

Here are 5 reasons why Croatia is dangerously attractive as a tennis holiday destination and worth every bit of your attention

1.     Many tennis facilities across the stretched Croatian coast

There are many great tennis facilities across the stretched Croatian coast, some of those are managed by the hotels equipped with all necessary infrastructure to blow off some steam on the court.
Croatians pride themselves of having many famous tennis players which have contributed to increased popularity of tennis as a sport. This is why you can find a tennis centre in almost every coastal town welcoming players of all ages and abilities, open for residents and tourists. Often you might find yourself challenged by a local to take on a match and show what you know.

2.     Red clay tennis courts in stunning natural settings

No matter where you land on Croatian coast, you will be followed by two main colours – rich palette of green vegetation along with changing colours of deep blue Adriatic sea. Some of the country’s best tennis courts are settled in the most stunning natural settings of this idyllic landscape allowing you to enjoy the play with full senses.


3.     Behind every great tennis court lies an even greater beach

Walking to the courts to swing your racket, you’ll be tempted to skip the tennis sessions and hit straight to the beach. You can also go to the beach to stretch for tennis, before or after the match. In Croatia beaches are very friendly, inviting you to spend as much time as possible.

What makes them so appealing?

Well before you even set your feet on the warm, cozy pebble stones, you are simply immersed into the crystal clear blue colour of the sea. It gets even better after taking a nice swim, drying in the warm sun and finding a perfect spot under the pine tree shadow.

Here’s one interesting thing about beaches in Croatia – they are public, and locals love the beach just as much as they love a cold beer at the beach bar.

There are also some private beaches as well, so if you are more ‘I love my privacy’ kind of person, don’t worry, Croatia will deliver.

4.     Walking distance is the signature

Are you one of those people who simply want to forget about the existence of any transporting vehicle while on holiday?

This is one of the very few days in the year you’d like to completely switch off and have everything you need within easy walking distance.

In the case of Croatia, easy walking distance is the signature. This is the part where you will need those extra pair of tennis shoes from the beginning of the article. Or any type of shoes, as long as they are comfortable.

Tennis resorts, if we can even call them like that in our case, are not isolated, they live with the residential surrounding. You stay at the hotel, walk to the tennis courts, walk to the beach, walk into town for dinner and if you like – do some more walking along the coast.

Everything is so easy to reach, right there – on the palm of your hand.

5.     Perfect tennis holiday destination goes beyond tennis

Passionate tennis players would say, the best moments of a tennis holiday are the ones spent on the court enjoying the game. Especially if they are winning.

Tennis play in here is seriously challenged by so many exciting opportunities you could follow.

Let’s get more specific.

If you choose to stay in Zadar Region, you will be tempted to visit 5 National and Nature parks, all within easy striking distance.

Let’s get even more specific.

Do you like sailing and swimming in the sea? Go for National Park Kornati.

Prefer hiking or rock climbing? National Park Paklenica is your thing.

Enjoy cycling? I would advise Nature Park Vransko Lake.

It gets slightly complicated with National Parks Plitvice Lakes and Krka Waterfalls, because in both cases waterfalls are in question, so you simply need to decide which one you like better. Or just go with both.

Let’s just conclude by saying there is plenty to miss out on if you decide to stay on the tennis courts the whole tennis holiday.

The best way to end it is to simply say: It’s your holiday. Make everything you do your choice. In Croatia, there is plenty of choice. You just need to make a decision.

Question: What do you value most in a perfect tennis holiday destination?


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