National Park Kornati Cruise Tour


  • Enjoying magnificent sceneries of the Kornati archipelago on a wooden cruise

  • Swimming in one of the clearest waters in the world

At a glance

National park Kornati is a natural phenomenon consisted of 150 islands, islets and reefs. Its beauty lies in rugged islands rising out of the sea, large bays, sheer cliffs, secluded coves and rich marine flora of the archipelago. Sailing through the breathtaking landscapes and swimming in the clearest turquoise Adriatic sea make Kornati National Pak an unforgettable experience.

"On the last day of the Creation God desired to crown His work and thus created Kornati Islands out of tears, stars and breath".
G. B. Shaw

About excursion

Put on your swimming suit and embark with us on a full day cruise. We are going to cruise through the protected area of Kornati archipelago, checking extraordinary landscapes of islands, islets, reefs and bays.

There will be a stop in Telašćica Nature Park, a natural extension of the Kornati islands, the largest and safest cove in the Adriatics. You can choose to swim in the sea or in a lake (Salty lake).

Make sure to pack enough sunscreen and sunglasses!


Activity level


Price per person


Discount for children

  • children 0 - 12 - gratis


  • Boat ride, tour guide – on a cruise boat

  • Welcome drink, sandwich

  • lunch (choosing from fish or meat menu)

  • drinks on board (wine, water, soft drinks)

This activity is available in our Biograd destination, just click this link and fill out the form to get an estimate.