Brijuni Islands National Park

Paradise islands of aristocracy

Half-day Excursion

The Brijuni Islands consist of 14 islands and islets and are an extraordinary mix of natural beauty and cultural and historical heritage. Indigenous plants, preserved Mediterranean maquis, meadows where fallow deer, chital deer and mouflons freely graze all make part of the Brijuni landscape that you will experience during the excursion.

The archaeological and other sites located away from the island’s centre can be visited by train: the Verige Bay with the remnants of a Roman villa rustica from the 1st century AD, as well as the safari park that is home to many animals, such as zebras, Somali sheep, humped zebu cattle, dromedary camels, llamas and elephants. It is noteworthy that as many as 200 dinosaur footprints have been identified on the Veli Brijun Island. The small Gothic Church of St. German from the 15th century housing a permanent display of fresco replicas and Glagolitic monuments of Istria, a natural science collection, and the exhibition “Tito on the Brijuni Islands” are also included in the sightseeing tour.




Brijuni by bus

Departure from the hotel according to the plan

08:45 - Boat departure from Poreč

09:45 - Boat departure from Rovinj , sightseeing of Brijuni Islands National Park

14:00 - Boat departure from Brijuni

14:30 - Arrival to Rovinj 

Transfers to the hotels 

Transfer, boat ride, guided tour and entrance fee for the National Park included in the price. 

Price per person: £51

Brijuni by Astral Boat

Departure from the hotel according to the plan

10:30 – Boat departure from Poreč

12:00 – Boat departure from Rovinj

13:30 – Sightseeing tour

17:30 – Boat departure from Brijuni

18:45 – Boat arrival to Rovinj

20:00 – Boat arrival to Poreč.

Transfers to the hotels

Boat ride, guide, entrance fee, welcome drink & lunch included in the price.

Price per person: £51

Brijuni by speed boat

Departure from the hotel according to the plan

12:15 – Departure from Rovinj

13:15 – Arrival at Fažana

13:30 – Boat ride to the Brijuni Islands

13:45 – Sightseeing tour

17:30 – Boat ride to Fažana

17:45 – Arrival at Fažana

18:30 – Arrival to Rovinj

Transfers to the hotels

Transfer, guide, boat ride and entrance fee for the National Park included in the price.

Price per person: £42

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