Black and White Tour - Sketchy Tour Zagreb

This truly is what off the beaten track means. Your guide Petra, an academic painter, will take you around Zagreb major sights, yet this time with no stories and no explanations, but rather encouraging you to release creativity in yourself and, without much thought, sketch the major sights of our city. For this purpose you will make a few stops and enjoy together working in the open air atelier. Of course, you will take your sketches with you, to remind you later of the great fun you experienced drawing them!

You don’t have to worry about bringing any materials because we provide you with a sketchbook and drawing accessories. All you need to bring along is your sense of adventure and good mood and your will to have a plunge into artistic creativity.

Learn how to sketch in two hours!


Duration: 2 -3  hrs



2 people - 30 eur

3 - 6 people - 20 eur

>7 people - 15 eur



This activity is available in our Zagreb destination, just click this link and fill out the form to get an estimate.